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***My Favorite Flickz:)***


I would say that ATL is my favoritest all time movie in tha WHOLE world! I guess just beacuse its mi style and I love Atlanta and tha whole atmosphere of it! I can watch this movie allll day long and never get tired of it. Its a great story...I L<3VE tha characters...and the music and dancing. And I would Love to be in tha second on...Its mi Dream!


Well see this movie used to be mi #1...but "ATL" just blew me away...lolz! But I remember exactly how I fell in love with this movie. When I was little I didnt even see this movie advertised and mi mom and her friends wanted to take me to go see it and I'm all like NO,NO I dont want to see this movie! So, mi mom made me go and after it came on I didnt take My eyes off it until the credits were over! I loved evrything about this movie...I mean the dancing was Hott...And tha songs were at tha time...and the actore were real fresh and did a great job! So after I saw it...I told mi mom that I wanted to start back doing Ballet AGIAN...and she told me that it was just a phase! And she eventually let me start back doing again and that only lasted a month...But Hey Im still in Love with the movie today!<3


This one kinda ties in with mi liking for Save Tha Last Dance....Buuuut NO!! Dont get me wrong there both great love stories but this ones kinda "OLD SKOOL"...But I dig it!!

Annnnd Last But NOT Least...Ma Boi

Tyler Perry